Anyone who has ever suffered from back pain understands the effects it has on day to day life. For me back pain was a way of life for eight years. Sometimes crippling and at best a haunting concern, I could never control it, the pain controlled me. During this period I tried many solutions recommended by various MD’s and physiotherapists. I used prescribed medicine and pain relievers daily and employed a multitude of posture devices for sleeping and sitting. I had even been hospitalized with back pain. Chiropractic care had never been recommended to me by a MD. As it turned out chiropractic care would be the only thing to cure my back pain once and for all. Dr. Robbins was highly recommended by a friend who had ailments similar to my own. At my first consultation Dr. Robbins clearly explained that he understood my condition. He went on to explain what he felt would the best solution in terms of treatment. Dr. Robbins also shared with me his own expectations of how I would progress. I never had any feelings of pressure towards being treated and felt very comfortable to take his advice. All the treatments I received were painless and quite relaxing. Within weeks of my first treatment, I noticed an improvement in my physical condition and had less back pain. Every appointment with Dr. Robbins has been excellent in terms of healthcare, professionalism, and friendliness. I would be hard pressed to think of any establishment that can offer better service. I feel ten years younger! – thanks to Dr. Robbins. I no longer live with back pain. I do my job much easier, sleep better, play sports again that I couldn’t before and I’m a better happier person. The quality chiropractic care Dr. Robbins provides, certainly ‘did me the world of good’. I encourage anyone with physical ailments to visit Dr. Robbins for a consultation at least. Without his chiropractic techniques you may be suffering unnecessary pain.


After seeing two Orthopaedic Surgeons and having countless physiotherapy treatments – all to no avail, a relative referred me to Dr. Robbins. The treatments Dr. Robbins gave did the trick. He was my last hope for recovery and thanks to him I have found a new life with no or disability. Fourteen years later, with just maintenance treatments from Dr. Robbins, I am now very physically active, and enjoy many of the very grueling sporting activities from my youth. Chiropractic and Dr. Robbins continue to be my prime choice for Health care.


I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Robbins for many years, as have the members of my family. In addition to his expertise in the practice, Dr. Robbins displays a compassion for his patients which is unparalleled, while at the same time maintaining a high standard of professionalism. He has a tremendous “bedside manner” and will go to great lengths to get to the root of whatever may be causing his patient’s pain. Dr. Robbins will always accommodate his patients, especially if they are in pain, and I have never hesitated to refer people in need of help to him. Anyone I have referred has, in turn, told me how satisfied and comfortable they were with him.


Thank you for the thoroughly professional manner in which you handled my health problems. No only am I amazed at the speed of the improvements, but I was delighted by the friendly, caring atmosphere at your office. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all our friends and family. I now know how essential it is to have an efficient and competent person taking care of all aspects of my health.


Today’s medical profession leaves most of us feeling just like ‘another number’. However, periodically one has the good fortune to cross paths with a doctor whose sense of commitment to his practice must be acknowledged. I have been a patient of Dr. Robbins for many years and have always found him to be, not only very knowledgeable and competent as a Chiropractor, but also a caring individual. A doctor who is truly concerned about his patients and their progress towards good health. I seldom refer friends and family to anyone unless I have full confidence in their ability. I do with Dr. Robbins. In the past I have referred several individuals who have all benefited from their treatments. I hold Dr. Robbins in the highest regard and would not hesitate to give further testimonials on his behalf.


Dr. Robbins, there are no words strong enough to appropriately thank you for helping me through the very difficult last few weeks of my pregnancy. I hope to see you again soon.


Dr. Robbins, thank you for all your help; I will never forget your kindness, caring, and professionalism. You have made my life much more enjoyable and pain free.


Dr. Robbins, you may recall I visited your office for the first time rather early in the morning due to my wretched and unyielding back pain. It was so miserable that I truly thought it would never be gone! However, shortly after the treatment by you, the pain disappeared completely and so swiftly, considering its intensity, that I was quite downright astounded, not to mention physically relieved. The experience has left me feeling profoundly grateful to you and chiropractic science. Thank you for your skill. Thank you for applying it so effectively. Your time, talent and professionalism are certainly appreciated.


I have entrusted "Doc Mike" with the care and healing of all my family, mom and children included, since the early 1980's. He is a great chiropractor and healer.


There are not enough great things I can say about Dr. Robbins - he makes you feel like family - and cares about your wellbeing. I have also sent many friends and family members to receive treatments over the years.